I picked up my first DSLR in 2009 & at that moment, I was like Harry Potter picking up his phoenix feather core wand in Olivander's. The camera chose me, really.

I started my photography business as a wedding based service. I was drawn to the colors and textures and branding of couples and the human connection that exists on a wedding day like no other time. Seriously, what other opportunity does your sister have to write a heartfelt speech professing her love and admiration for you to an audience of everyone else you love? Why is this not a thing that happens in other circumstances?

Gosh I love weddings. But my heart longed for more. I have a passion and deep burning desire in my soul to uplift and help others flourish in their journeys. My entrepreneur heart is set ablaze when I get the opportunity to use my gifts to create a foundation to boost the careers of other self starters. Your desires are ingrained within you for a reason. I know you can have this. Whatever THIS is. And I'm here to set you up with everything you need to show up as your best self! Let's brand you, baby!

These are a few of my favorite things

1. momming

2. arts & crafts
I Literally think I'm martha stewart. We have the same initials, soo... 
3. inappropriate humor
I tell a lot of 13 year old boy jokes (not to your grandma, don't worry)

4. people&connection
I absolutely love people & I love having the chance to 
share their biggest moments with them. Whether that's in love or their career

5. black coffee
fuels me. 

6. books
I love curling up with a good book. Self help stuff usually. Sometimes a little dystopian fiction a la handmaids tale or hunger games.  

7. self help er'thang
Oprah. Marie Forleo. Tony Robbins. I'm into it. 

8. estate sales & hole-in the wall thrift stores
My favorite thing ever! The smell of musty, old trunks is the most magical. I could do this every day. I even owned a vintage clothing store for a spell!

9. making new buds!
I love what I do because I love people. As a child I was the new kid to 16 different schools. Taught me a very handy skill. Making new friends quickly and easily. I can relate to (almost) anyone! We've all got something in common.

10. like, omg makeup
I love how the right lipstick can make a woman stand tall with her shoulders back. Its definitely a passion of mine & I'll often glam up my brides & brand clients!

You wont see much of him on here, but I have a beautiful, sweet, funny, smart  little angel of a son named Liam. 

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